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All homes need water – cool, clear water - and they need plenty of it these days residential
More than ever.

Many modern homes have more than one bathroom, a garden that needs irrigation, a pool to fill and a water-thirsty spa. Homes on the coast and in the countryside are dependent on the storage of fresh water, and the tanks that it's stored in are vital to its quality.

At we supply and install both concrete and plastic water tanks. We source our concrete tanks from Bowers & Son Ltd of Te Awamutu, a manufacturer of Duracrete concrete water storage tanks. Our plastic tanks are sourced from the leading manufacturers such as Galloway International. Every water tank we will install is tough, safe and long lasting.

What we offer:

  • Competitive costings from your plans
  • Supply, excavation and expert installation

Concrete tanks (above or underground installation)

Polyethylene tanks (above-ground installation): is able to provide a full range of drain laying products and services. With the know-how, equipment and skills to carry out the complete drainage package, can be relied on to take care of even the smallest detail.

We’ll manage every aspect of the job and, when required, will liaise with the local authority.