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Building a New Home

newhomeChoosing a reliable and experienced drainage contractor for your next housing project could be a problem...
...or it could be a real pleasure.

At we are fully committed to making our project relationship a real pleasure for both parties. We have the know-how, equipment and skills to carry out the complete drainage package, from the smallest to the largest detail. We'll manage every aspect of the job and, when required, will liaise with the local authority on behalf of you or your client.

Take a look at EVERYTHING we offer:

  • FREE costings from your plans
  • Site set-out
  • Supply of all materials at extra-competitive prices
  • Excavation and backfilling of trenches and bedding with our own machines
  • Expert installation of drains by experienced and courteous staff
  • Liaison with the foundation contractor, plumber, electrician and other contractors
  • Extensive experience with the AS/NZS3500 underfloor drainage system which fits ideally with ribraft foundations
  • Supply and placing of drainage metal and hardfill
  • Watermain installation
  • Soak pit or rain garden installation (as part of your stormwater design)
  • Detention/retention tank installation (as part of your stormwater design or rain harvesting)
  • Removal of excess spoil from site excavations
  • Topsoil and mulch supply
  • Pump chamber design and installation
  • Arranging of council inspection and approval and completion of ‘as builts’ for local authorities
  • Supply and installation of Oasis Clearwater Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Installation and supply of water tanks
  • Supply and installation of pumps and rain harvesting and reuse
  • Waste water design to support building consent applications